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Blogs I Enjoy

I offer these links as resources from an ever-broadening community that values awareness about honest dialogue around death rites and natural death care. This is an expanding list! Please let me know if you have a blog you love that would be at home here, too.

For Memorials and Ceremonies of Remembrance

I took this right after a Pet Remembrance Ceremony in August – nearly unbelievable!

The Daily Undertaker

Obit Magazine

The Good Funeral Guide

For opening conversations about death

The Order of the Good Death – with some very witty videos!

Seven Ponds Blog – Embracing the End-of-Life Experience

The Death Talk Project – Portland based honest conversation

Aging with Dignity – Five Wishes

Death Cafe based in London

For Animal Companions

Letters to Pushkin

Jessica Pierce on Animal Hospice

For General Consumer Information

The Funeral Consumer’s Alliance

FCA of Southern Arizona

For Home Funerals

The Home Funeral Directory

The National Home Funeral Alliance

A Sacred Moment in Seattle, Washington

NPR audio transcript from Talk of the Nation

For Natural Burial

The Green Burial Council

Grave Matters

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